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People are getting busier in their lives day by day and it is seldom
possible for them sit comfortably on their couch and enjoy watching
sports or a game. Therefore they need some way to gain updates on a game
going on while they are busy working an assignment or caught up in any
prior engagements. A sports news headlines are the solution to these
problems. News channels, websites and mobile updates keep giving us a
minute by minute development of a game while we do our work. News on
sports consists of the latest game, player’s lives and any new
development in the field. One of the most important news values is
immediacy if an event has occurred yesterday and television channels and
websites publish it today the news looses its importance so it is
necessary to publish the current sports news to keep the readers and
audience content.  Newspapers have a few pages saved for sports
news generally they are the last four to six pages of the main
supplement. The sports lovers are also provided with magazines and
journals which give breaking
news exclusively about sports. There are websites that are
dedicated to only sports and they connect the fans to the game and to
each other. Television channels like Ten Sports, ESPN, Star Cricket,
Star Sports etc only telecast sports, news sports and interviews and
discussions with men related to sports. This array of channels, websites
and magazines provide sports fans with all the information about their
favorite sports its more like a paradise for sports lovers. Sport
news headlines attracts a lot of audience as it updates them about any
development in the field without making them spend much time. Television
channels also repeat telecast a match for the people who could not
watch the match live. Current sports news can be accessed through ones
mobile phone even while traveling, sitting at home or working. Websites
offers the people forums where they can discuss and debate any topic
related to sports. These forums connect people from different parts of
the country and sometimes also the world. News sports is a growing field
which provides aspiring sports journalists with a chance to chase their
dream knowing that they are in demand. Evolution of science has offered
the human kind with various new devices that makes it easier for
everyone to access any desired information.